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RA Podcast #6 - 3 Emerging New Rich Business Tactics (+ Radically App-bitious) - Radically Ambitious - How To Live An Ambitious Lifestyle

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This week has been a crazy one for the Ambitious leaders of the Radically Ambitious Podcast and during this episode they leave no evidence of playing it cool or safe. This week is all about emerging as a leader in your market and never looking back at your so-called competition. Welcome to Episode #6 of the RA Podcast!

Episode length – 31:55

Segment 1 – Cool Apps, Tricks and Tips To Live A More Radical Entrepreneurial Life

In this week’s episode Brett featured the iPhone design resource Tapptics. Tapptics is a collection of design files and step-by-step training created to help designers, developers and idea people save time and money creating mobile apps.

We are extremely excited about mobile businesses right now and it turns out that Radically Ambitious now officially has our Apple Developer License. Greg and Brett truly believe that optimization on the top platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Android, etc) is going to be a huge boom for lifestyle and ambitious businesses in the future and much more will be talked about our process in the coming episodes.

Segment 2 – Ambitious Action Plan

3 Emerging Tactics To Put Into Place In Your New Rich Business Right Now

  1. Deliver more value than your competition – like hella more!
  2. Charge more for your products and services and find better clients/customers
  3. Stop doing tasks that can be outsourced

Resources And Links Mentioned In This Episode

Inspiration Hip-Hop Quote Of The Week

This week’s hip-hop quote from from indie hip-hop artist Murs from the group Felt, the track is called Chewed Up.

so cool at the same time, all heat
so fly i shoulda been in star fleet
ride shotgun in my x-wing
watch the hipsters hop to the next thing
fad to fad, thats so depressing
around for years that dont impress me

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