Brett’s Story

My Skills

  • SEO

  • Paid Traffic

  • Social Media

  • Photoshop

  • Video Marketing


A musician by birth a curious mind by condition, Brett has been challenging the way things are since he was getting suspended in high school. Starting the computer technology club in high school, Brett got the bug of tech and realized what was possible. His life led to playing professionally for Disney and moved to live in Tokyo and played professional music for Tokyo Disney.

He later played for acts for Sony but started to get tired of the late nights and heavy lifestyle that being a musician creates. He started his search online in 2003 for answers and started affiliate marketing.

Once back in the US he paid his way to knowledge and has been at it ever since. Focusing on SEO and ranking on the #1 spot for SEO Consulting, he created a consulting business. But after dealing with a lot of “making others rich”, he just recently started doing things for himself. Currently he runs a completely automated business and now is able to focus on his dreams of what he always wanted to do, create greatness and be involved in long-term plays to take him to ultimate freedom.

Brett is still creating systems and working with top underground guys that aren’t in it for the recognition, instead they’re in it for the ultimate thing – time freedom.