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Ambitious Musings - Issue #1 - Radically Ambitious - How To Live An Ambitious Lifestyle

Posted by | January 24, 2012 | Ambitious Lifestyle, Blog | 2 Comments

I subscribe to a really cool weekly newsletter from Early To Rise where the editor, Craig Ballantyne shares some detailed things that are happening in his life and business and how they can help us, his subscribers.

It’s such a powerful concept and looking back on your week, every week, is something that I shared in detail in Episode #2 of the Radically Ambitious Podcast.

I wanted to do the same for you guys – whether you have been one of my music subscribers, or from the Rock Star Lifestyle days, or even the new Radically Ambitious or ProductPros fans.

So, every Monday night I will be sending over Ambitious Musings, where I take a look back at the things, the people and the resources that helped me over the past week.

I think you are going to dig it!

Ambitious Musings – Issue #1

Top 5 Things I Read This Week:
1. How To Use Natural Networking To Connect With Anyone 
2. Create. Learn. Improve. Repeat.
3. Spotify’s Daniel Ek: The Most Importnat Man In Music
4. How To Learn And Enjoy Life More: The Power Of Audio Learning
5. 21 Tactics To Increase Blog Traffic

Things I Spent My Money On This Week
No BS Price Strategy – A newer book from marketing legend Dan Kennedy. I’m looking forward to this one as in the last year I have gone from selling $47 courses to $5,000+ packages and growing. Now I am going back to the mid-tier with a new suite of products and pricing is always something I spend a lot of time on. Have this one loaded up on the Kindle now.

How To Start A Blog That Matters – This is a new training program from Corbett Barr of ThinkTraffic.net. I haven’t bought a how-to blog course ever, thinking I knew it all and had actually built some pretty big blogs before (GenYRockStars.com, etc). Now that I am getting my feet back into the game I needed some guidance and no one has done a better job at growing blogs that people care about than Corbett.

You can grab a copy of his course here, or learn about my bonus for the program here. I already took over 2,500 words of notes that my partner Brett said is “More than awesome, f*&^ing awesome doesn’t do it justice.”

Things I Learned This Week:

1. If you think you need to go through paperwork, nonsense and hoops, they really aren’t that bad. After a few weeks of thinking that getting a few government papers was difficult, I kept brushing off getting our Apple Developer License. This pushed back some design and development deadlines.

Turns out, I could download the forms for $0.99 instantly on a government issued website. Doh. Sometimes you just need to do things right when they are in front of you or else you build them up to be a bigger deal than they really are.

Today we got our Apple Developer’s license (more on this soon)!

2. It’s really easy to get involved and get known. I’ve been pretty quiet on the social media front for about a year and a half now – not blogging much, not reaching out to people, just quietly building my business. But I missed the people, the interactions and the opportunities.

Turns out, just sending a few quality emails, calling people on the phone and plain old asking to connect can get you back in the game quickly. Listen to this week’s Podcast (Episode #6) to hear about some of the cool things that have happened in the past week from getting back in the game.

3. Rise Against is really, really good live. Finally got a chance to see them live and boy was it a good show.

Closing Thoughts:

What would make you jump out of bed every morning? And what are you doing right now to make that situation happen?

Leave your comments and feedback on the Radically Ambitious Facebook page.

Till next week,

Greg Rollett

P.S. Very soon this series will only be available to Radically Ambitious Newsletter Subscribers. If you don’t want to be left out, and you want to join the New Rich Living Entrepreneurs, signup on the box on this page so you never miss a beat.

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