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Ambitious Musings - Issue #3 - Radically Ambitious - How To Live An Ambitious Lifestyle

Posted by | February 07, 2012 | Ambitious Lifestyle, Blog | No Comments

I just got back from spending an amazing weekend in Delray Beach with some of the biggest and best online marketers on the planet including one of my mentors, Rich Schefren from Strategic Profits.

This week I am going to share some of the biggest lessons from that trip as well as a great book I grabbed on accident at Barnes and Noble. It was calling my name from the best-seller counter and I haven’t put it down yet.

This week I am off to the Grammy Awards with 40 of our best clients. It’s going to be a great week, so look out for next week’s musings as they will be very action packed.

Onto this week’s issue.

Things I Read That Might Help Or Inspire You:

Things I Spend Money On

  • Reality Is Broken – by Jane McGonigal (why games make us better and how they can change the world). This is the book I cant put down. If you are into gaming, or how people learn, this is a must read.
  • Apps Magazine – these are some of the best places to research. Niche magazines like this. Find them in your industry and read them cover to cover. Other tips – get in touch with some of the writers and interview them, get them on Skype and inflate their ego.
  • A tie clip. They seem to be the cool thing to wear with suits and tuxedos these days and I decided against the bowtie and going with the skinny black tie and tie clip for the Grammy’s. We’ll see how that turns out.
  • World Domination Summit Tickets – I will be heading to Portland in July to hang with 1,000 other Ambitious entrepreneurs at WDS. If you are going, send me a message so we can link up.

Things I Learned

  • In Delray, Rich shared some really thought provoking things and the one that struck most was to have 1 Big Idea. One concept that instantly makes people think of you and your business. For Rich its that he helps opportunity seekers become strategic entrepreneurs. For me, it’s that I help entrepreneurs and professionals create highly valuable Nd financially rewarding info products. What’s your big idea?
  • The next step from there is to fine as many channels as possible to support that message. From webinars to reports, videos to live events and everything in between, learn to tell different stories that lead different prospects to believe in your one big idea. You can also think of these as hooks or angles that support your big idea.
  • Find and study anything you can from Mike Palmer, a copywriter from Agora. He is the copy ninja from their End Of America promotion that to this day (over a year and a half later) still brings in 3,000 new customers everyday. There are bits and pieces of seminar footage and write ups online that can be golden for your business promotion when dealing with copy.

Closing Thoughts

This week has been a huge week. I am putting together a BIG affiliate launch for InfoProductPro and while it’s been fun, it has been taxing. So many moving parts, combined with my ambitious goals (50 affiliates and 500 sales) and you hVE a high pressure situation.

It is stretching me outside of my comfort zone and forcing me to call, Skype and meet in person with potential affiliates. I love the challenge and am excited to see how well I am able to pull everything together.

I want to leave you with a cliche thing to do this week. Force yourself to do one thing outside of your comfort zone. Cold call someone. Go to an event or to a bar by yourself. Buy something expensive. Do some kind of crazy physical activity. Just do something that makes your blood pressure race and makes you want to call your mom right away and tell her how cool you.

Let me know what you did to get outside of your comfort zone over on the RA Facebook page.

Till next week,


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