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Are You Following Trends Or Are You A Trendsetter? - Radically Ambitious - How To Live An Ambitious Lifestyle

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There are really only 2 types of people in this world.

  1. Those that lead
  2. Those that follow

From birth we are ingrained to follow. To follow the guidance of our parents (usually good) to following the education system (eh, sometimes not so good) to following what the media wants us to believe (from news and politics to music, entertainment and the status quo).

That makes it hard to follow. And then when you try and lead it is even harder to be heard.

It really hits perspective with the number of musicians trying to make a name for themselves, to break out of the local clutter and define a culture.

Same goes for the number of people starting online businesses.

I was doing research for a client that owns a dog training business and they wanted to create a few info products. Qualifications, check. They have trained over 1,500 dogs in the last 5 years. The track record speaks for itself.

But one search on Amazon.com reveals 24,311 results for “dog training.”

Clickbank has 371 dog training products alone in their marketplace.

Hard to be a Trendsetter when you are going up against that, right?


It just means you have to be better, faster, stronger, more efficient and really provide lasting value.

Something that strikes people’s attention longer than a 3-minute YouTube clip. Something that is still being talked about 20-30-40-50 years later.

How do you do that? You create something that matters.

Create music that matters. Stand for something. Love her or hate her but Gaga stands for something. She’s created a movement.

Create products that matter. Dan Kennedy is still selling a marketing product (Magnetic Marketing) that he sold at seminars 30 years ago and hasn’t updated one page.

Why? Because it stands for something. It matters to the business owners that went through it.

We all now have the opportunity to use our voices in ways that were never possible. The problem is most of us use it to be average, generic. To fit into the crowd. To follow.

I want to lead. I tried following and it didn’t work.

I tried to follow into Corporate America when my music career ended.
I tried to follow into Venture Capital land and get a quick cash out when we went public.

Both times were very, very bad experiences.

When I led I was inspired. Our music created a movement. We even had a name for our fans (Stumppaholics). I remember performing one night and I couldn’t hear myself at all because the entire venue was rapping my lyrics louder than me.

I want that feeling back.

It’s happened a few times since then.

  • The day my first book hit #1 on Amazon.com.
  • The first time I gave a platform talk on stage.
  • The first time I sold a product and made more in one night than 3 month’s salary in Corporate America.

It’s time to get that voice back on a daily basis.

It’s why I’m getting back to basics. I’m schooling myself.

I make info products for a living these days and here I am taking a course that 2 years ago I could have created. But I got off my path, so I’m going back to get schooled.

I want to get schooled on creating that voice, that movement, that trend.

Corbett Barr has created a great program called ‘How To Start A Blog That Matters‘ and I just enrolled. I want to work with Mr. Burky to create Radically Ambitious into a voice for the New Rich, for entrepreneurs who want it all – money, fame, time, a family, etc.

Blogging has been the #1 way that I got where I am. 2 quick examples:

  1. I was contacted by both Coca-Cola and Miller Lite to do consulting on their youth marketing both because of blog posts I wrote about youth marketing that they stumbled upon. I still use them both in my bio today and the business it has given me since is priceless.
  2. For about 2 years I wrote more guest posts than anyone that I can think of. One that I wrote for Mashable.com on the music industry got the attention of Nick Nanton. Two years later he has helped me become a best-selling author and partnered with me to create the ProductPros, the business that I always dreamt of creating.

And there are countless other examples.

Today I want you to make the decision to create something that matters. Yes, I am telling you about a product that I feel you should invest in.

But here’s the kicker. I’ll be going through it with you. I’m going back to the drawing board to rebuild my personal brand after hibernating for the past year with my head in startup mode running a business (a great business, btw). This is above and beyond the ‘ProductPro’ persona that I love and am continuing to build.

But it’s time to get back out there. That’s why I am rallying behind Corbett Barr’s new product.

How To Start A Blog That Matters is a 90 day roadmap to build something that changes lives – starting with your own.

And here’s the deal – I am offering a really cool bonus for anyone that buys via my link below.

If you pick up the course through my link on this page, I will hook you up with a signed copy of my best-selling book Trendsetters.

In the book I wrote about how to create products that matter and can build an insane business for you.

I only have 20 of them left and some just got picked up.

Here’s how to get down.

  1. Learn more about Corbett’s program here
  2. Send your receipt along with your mailing address to rollettmarketing@gmail.com
  3. I’ll sign and mail you a copy of Trendsetters
  4. We will both go through this program together and create something really cool that matters.

Ok, time for me to go back to creating a killer info product for a client – which is something that really matters to him!!

I look forward to building something that matters with you,


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