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How Getting On The Phone Can Change Your Direction Of Marketing - Radically Ambitious - How To Live An Ambitious Lifestyle

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Welcome to another week of the radically ambitious podcast. We are glad to be back in the swing of things since we had to take a hiatus because of other circumstances. You know life moves fast and we couldn’t align our schedules very well. That is why on this episode Brett took the trip to Greg’s office so that there were no excuses.

We hope you enjoy this weeks podcast.

Segment 1: Cool Tools And Apps

This week we delve into the client CRM that entrepreneurs use for knowing what is left on the table. The program we are talking about is Future Simple. This program does the “voice in the back of your head” reminder in your face. It puts the money you are leaving on the table on the main screen 24″ monitor.

Yep no guess work left. Even if you don’t use quickbooks or are an accountant you will know day to day what your potential gross revenue is minute to minute.

This web based software is awesome for this and so many other things, but this is our favorite.

Listen to the podcast to learn more.


Segment 2: Ambitious Action Plan

Us as a generation and culture are used to handling a lot through text, email and facebook. But there was something before that people used to communicate. Yes its in your pocket…or you are reading this on it. Your phone!!!!

We don’t consider for its core function like we use to, but in the business world picking that up and reaching out to JV’s or potential business partners is how real business can be done.

The objections and the dialog doesn’t involve the thought process of evaluation so the responses are real.

I know that sounds insane that we had to explain, but sometimes just slowing down and listening can bring in new ideas for traffic sources.

Enough on this listen to the podcast and hear what we go over.

Inspirational Hip-Hop Quote Of The Week

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with the aim, just gotta change the target.” – American Dreamin’.

Jay-Z started out as a drug dealer and was aiming for success at selling drugs. This line highlights his realisation that he needs another target like music.

So we aren’t expecting that you sell drugs and need a new focus. We are saying this because some ideas and business plans have no legs. You know what you do, but your business partners in certain ventures might not be on the same Radically Ambitious plan that you are on.

So know when that is and take action and get a new target.

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