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RA Podcast #3 – Christmas With Time Tracking Through Paymo - Radically Ambitious - How To Live An Ambitious Lifestyle

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Segment 1 – Cool Tools, Apps or Trick To Have A Better Life

Paymo Time Tracker – http://www.paymo.biz

We go into the power of using the best time tracking software online. We teach the benefits of using this time tracking software for client management as well as invoicing. Granted Brett hacks the paymo app to make it expand out further, outside his business world. Showing how to manage your tasks and day to day work to understand where you might be wasting time on places you don’t need to or finding the ares in your life that you might..um…suck at.  This helps you to determine how to best outsource different tasks and what you should spend your time focusing on.

Segment 2 – Ambitious Action Plan

Its a new year and although it used to be “3%” that set goals and actually wrote things down, recently I read that about 45% of the population write down their goals.

Here comes the Big Butt (was looking for an image, but I decided to keep this PG).

Setting goals is a good attempt but it isn’t an action plan. You need to setup and reverse engineer the process of how you are going to accomplish whatever goal you are obtaining. Listen to learn how we use uniquely radical strategies of accomplishing just that.

Segment 3 – Ambitions and Accountability

Greg is going to make us all very jealous as I type this up it is 32 degrees outside and Greg is in Puerto Rico in shorts.  Greg goes into making sure he is going to accomplish his goal of catching waves in Puerto Rico at the beach. We have to keep it short because Jen is wanting

Inspirational hip-hop quote of the week

The only time I lose is when its my memory.” – You Must Be Crazy by Chamillionaire

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