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RA Podcast #5 - Longtail Keywords And Giving Customers Backstage Access To You - Radically Ambitious - How To Live An Ambitious Lifestyle

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2012 is now officially in full swing and it’s time to help you join the ranks of the New Rich through productivity and profitability with Episode #5 of the Radically Ambitious Podcast.

This week it’s all about profitability baby. From finding the best keywords to build your niche empire to growing your business like a guru (even if you think that’s a dirty word). Let’s break down what went down in this week’s episode.

Episode Length: 20:51

Segment 1 – Cool Apps, Tricks and Tips To Live A More Radical Entrepreneurial Life

This week Brett broke down a brilliant rival to Market Samurai called Long Tail Pro. For everyone doing keyword research and working with niche businesses both online and offline, there is no better keyword tool on the market than Long Tail Pro.

In this episode Brett breaks down exactly what it can be used for, how to get the most out of the tool and how to outsource the research for an entire niche business for $25.

Grab yourself a copy of Long Tail Pro here.

Segment 2 – Ambitious Action Plan

Episode #5 takes a wild look at how musicians create scarcity and drive up prices via the level of access to the entertainer. Greg shows you how they do it and how you can build that in your business as well.

For any aspiring expert, teacher, information marketing, guru or dude trying to sell some products, this is a game-changing business model that can see you grow your business from free report to $47 info product to $12,000 Mastermind. It is worth paying attention to!

In Greg’s rant he also goes over the only 3 ways to increase your revenues:

  1. Find  and acquire new customers
  2. Charge more for your existing products
  3. Sell more stuff to existing customers (more products, new products, affiliate products and new levels of access)

I bet you can’t guess which one he likes the best….

Inspiration Hip-Hop Quote

This week the boys bring some of that old school back with “I Know You Got Soul” from Eric B. and Rakim with the lyric:

“It’s not about where you been, it’s about where you’re at”

Leave us some comment love below and let us know where you’re at and how this episode is helping you get inspired to take action and join those living the New Rich lifestyle.

Till next week, keep the Pimp Juice flowing and the money in the bank growing!

-Greg and Brett

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