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RA Podcast #8 – Getting Featured In App Sumo & Making Sales - Radically Ambitious - How To Live An Ambitious Lifestyle

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We had another awesome podcast this week. The meat of this episode is focused on Greg getting his Product Pro System course featured on AppSumo. This promotion brought in a good amount of sales for a weeks work…I’d tell you how many, but you’ll have to listen to the podcast for that…he he 🙂

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Segment 1: Cool Tools And Apps

This week we look at some really cool tools for researching mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Greg found the really cool tool – Yahoo App Search, which can help you find all the newest apps and show their rankings in Android and iOS which is one up on the other tool that Brett mentioned called App Data.

Both are really good tools for tracking rankings for different apps in different categories and by any developers that you want to look at their apps.

This is a good tool for understanding a certain groups network of apps and figuring out how they built their network so that eventually they are now in the top of the app store.

Its a science and still sometimes I can’t figure out how some people with only 1 app can rank well in the app store. That just throws my whole theories in a bind.

Segment 2: Ambitious Action Plan

This week Greg was center stage with his appearance on App Sumo as you can see here.

Greg had a strong sales week and as you will see, the process of getting on there wasn’t that difficult for Greg and the ProductPro’s because of the fact that they have a great product and are producing great ones each and every day.

Inspirational Hip-Hop Quote Of The Week

This week’s hip-hop quote comes from Wyclef Jean

I feel that life is short, so we should be disciplined, but at the same time we should have a good time.

So all you entrepreneur’s out there know that this is all possible with a little diligence and hard work on your part. If we can do it so can you.

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