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RA Podcast #9 App Analytics Tools & Finding Your Core Concept - Radically Ambitious - How To Live An Ambitious Lifestyle

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So after Greg got to play big baller at the grammy’s, he let us in on some inside secrets of how the grammy’s are held. Brett talks about how Lady Gaga’s outfit was just terrible, but I guess that is her style. We get straight into it with learning how to say NO to projects and managing your time successfully.

Segment 1: Cool Tools And Apps

So since we have been dipping our toes more and more in the app world we are trying to find tools that can make understanding the market and how our apps are doing in the store with more in depth statistics. We have been using App Viz2 and it was doing a really good job of keeping us on top of everything but was missing some stuff that we wanted to see. Such as being able to see data from both iOS and Android Markets.

We found a recent new tool that we are giving some props and giving a try as well. It is called App Figures. It has a lot of in depth data that we can tap into and it is making our job of understanding our apps living and moving actions in the app stores a lot better.

Segment 2: Ambitious Action Plan

This weeks Ambitious Action Plan is all about Creating Your Core Concept. Learn more about how to take that Big Idea and put it into a real viable business model that has real potential to take you soaring into entrepreneur success.

We go over some of the top experts that understand the power of creating their core concepts and making them better and having others tell their stories to grow their audience.

Some of these people include:

1. Executives Suites -A Hotel For Solopreneurs
2. Strategic Profits – Turning Opportunity Seekers Into Strategic Entrepreneurs
3. Time Ferris – Experiments In Lifestyle Design
4. The Elevation Group – Black Box Investing Strategies Of The Rich

Greg goes into to detail with all of these Core Concepts as we break down how to develop your own core concepts.

If you are wanting to create your core concept here are some questions you need to be asking yourself:
1. You are presenting something new to the marketplace
2. You have a GREAT USP – make sure you differentiate yourself in the marketplace, otherwise, all is lost before it begins
3. Feel original, it’s like a secret that you “want” to share
4. Focus on your client, or customer – what are you doing for them, how are you changing their life
5. Pattern Interrupt – this goes back to your USP, but don’t be boring, be something that your market wants to see and isn’t used to
6. Benefit driven – again what are you doing for me – your prospect or client
7. Add social proof if you have it. Position that social proof around your Big Idea or Concept
8. Easy for others to tell your story – can one of your clients tell your story and elaborate on your BIG IDEA
9. Make it sleek and sexy. If you print it on a t-shirt is it cool or corny. I MAKE PRODUCTS / OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS FAIL, etc
10. Get to work – I have to as well!

Inspirational Hip Hop Quote Of The Week

At Exactly Which Point Do You Realize, That Life Without Knowledge Is Just Death In Disguise

– Talib Kwali

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