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This Is The Title Tag You'll See In Your Website

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In the world of constant updates and connection we can sometimes feel like we are so busy, but the question you have to ask is – are you really?

If you were to take account of everything you did in a day would you be impressed or kind of shocked? I did just this a while back and it can really shock you to what you are doing and how your time is being spent. There are things that can make you a better person but are those adding to your bottomline, and is it all about the bottomline?

For me I want to know everything and am on a constant mission to learn. I have audiobooks in the car, in the gym and I even got a jawbone bluetooth headset that streams audio so that I can be in any place and not have headphones on but instead just look like a douchebag instead.

All of this to make sure I can reach my goals of 2 books a month. But with audiobooks and not taking the time to make notes in the spine of the book was I getting it all in? Granted I know for a fact that nothing beats sitting there nose deep in a book and getting into, but making the most out of those “in between” times is key to getting more done in less time. But this isn’t getting major things done but just getting you better educated.

This is what I mean by being busy and working. People will think because they are active that they are working and it is going somewhere, but if you aren’t completing things that will move you forward you aren’t really working, you’re just staying busy.

What You Should Do:

First thing is to plan far enough in advance to know that if you do just one thing that day what will that one thing be? I use the power of Asana to keep all of my tasks I want to do organized. The best thing to do is use a tool like this because it will sync across all of your devices. I setup my list of things I want to do in the “in between” time in one list and those are usually things I work on when I am on a pomodoro break or in downtime mode like a friday night or something. Then there are things that I will only look at on the weekends, I value that time off and you should too but get a hobby that will keep you busy and having funny. This will handle all of your “busy” work, those things that will not be as important in the time you should be focusing on your major projects.

Once you plan far enough in advance you can start to take one major task and put it down in your schedule with all the other life events you going on. Try to get one major thing done each day. It doesn’t have to be huge but it has to be something moving you forward, easy ways to eat an elephant, small chunks.

Doing this alone will hold you accountable and have you making progress in whatever it is you are working on in your life. I have a daily Google calendar alert at 9pm asking what did I get done today. That constant reminder makes me aware of what I am doing and helps to keep me focused in the right direction.

I know that might sound a little dumb that I must have a reminder, I’m not going to wear a rubber band on my arm though and snap it on my wrist so at least I’m a step above that.

Do you have some ways that you stay focused on your business or things that need to get done? Please let me know in the comments and if it is great I will add it to the blog as a guest post.


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